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KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show
KOREA HOUSE NIGHT TOUR | Korea House Dinner Show

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Korea House Night Tour [Dinner Show]


[Show 1] : 16:30~20:00 (*Hotel pick-up 16:00) | [Show 2] : 18:30~22:00 (*Hotel pick-up 18:00)




Minimum Pax 2

Adults KRW 154,000

Child KRW 154000

Infants KRW FREE


■ Hotel pick-up and drop-off

■ Tour guide

■ Transport

■ Admission

■ Dinner (*Menu : Royal Court Cuisine)


■ Lunch

■ Personal Expenses


Seoul Hotel Rian→Korea House→Dinner(Royal Court Cuisine) →Traditional Folk Music & Dance Performances→Seoul Hotel Rian

Korea house

Korea house is an excellent example of traditional architecture where visitors can enjoy authentic hanjeonsik(Korean table Feast)and traditional Korean music and dance performances as well as purchase a variety of traditional handicrafts.

1 Korea House
2 Korea House
3 Korea House
8 Korea House
7 Korea House
Traditional court cuisine of Korea

The traditional court cuisine of Korea House is cooked on the basis of the records contained in ancient literature. The foods are cooked by superior chefs at Korea House under the supervision of ‘Han Bok-ryeo’ who has been designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property No. 38 for his expert knowledge about the court cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty).
The representative dishes are Sinseollo (also called ‘Yeolguja tang’ meaning it makes the mouth happy) which is often put on the dinner table for state guests; Jeonyuhwa which can be shared by friends on happy occasions and Gujeolpan which provides delicate tastes from vegetables and meat arranged on a wooden plate and which is divided into 9 compartments. All the dishes are prepared with the most delicious raw materials of the season in a sincere manner by the best chefs in Korea to provide the best taste and flavor and promote the health of diners.
Come to enjoy the unique tastes of Korea by tasting traditional court cuisine in a charming atmosphere.

9 Korea House
10 Korea House
‘Chanpumdanja’, a high-class buffet catering service run by Korea House

Champumdanja is the ‘court cuisine buffet catering’ of Korea House.
It can provide customized services for any kind of standing buffet according to the nature of the event: company opening parties, international events, receptions, VIP customers, seminars and business meetings, brand launchings, wedding parties, engagement parties, private parties, fashion shows, concert parties, gallery exhibitions, club meetings, etc.

Korea House-buffet catering service
The Folk Theater

The Folk Theater is located inside the main building of Korea House. The nice and pretty theater features a beauty that is typically Korean. Here, spectators can enjoy exciting Korean traditional music and beautiful dance every night in comfort with explanations provided in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

11 Korea House
12 Korea House
Traditional Korean performance

The Korea House Arts Performance that has been staged for over 34 years is the most time-honored show that has been performed over 16,000 times and has been enjoyed by more than 1,600,000 people from all around the world. There are eight different performances combined in an omnibus format that lasts for one hour: O-go-mu, Arirang Concerto, Jinju Gyobang Gutgeori Dance, Seoljanggo, Bicheon (“Flying Celestial Maiden”), Sarang-ga dance, Korean fan dance and Hallyangmu and Pungmul-nori.
When all the performances are over, photo time is given to take pictures with the beautiful performers.

Korea House-Reign of Peace and Prosperity 01

Reign of Peace and Prosperity
This dance characterized by the footsteps of the traditional Korean music and dance is performed for the peace and prosperity of Korea.

Korea House-Arirang Concerto 07

Arirang Concerto
Arirang concerto is varied in Gayageum’s rich style with arirang’s melody. Arirang has been registered as an UNESCO Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012.

Korea House-Daegeum Sanjo and Dance 02

Daegeum Sanjo and Dance
A traditional Korean dance featuring beautiful gesture of woman performed with Daegeum Sanjo as accompaniment (i.e., solo performance)

Korea House-Beauty of Incense 03

Beauty of Incense
This dance is a visual representation of the beauty of curved lines characterizing Korean culture and marked by static movements comparable to the emptiness filling a space.

Korea House-Seoljanggo 04

Seoljanggo is a highly expressive style of farmers percussion music performed with four janggo(a drum shaped like an hourglass). Each drummer plays a slightly different beat, creating a perfect ensemble.

Korea House-Snow Flower Dance (Seolhwamu) 05

Snow Flower Dance (Seolhwamu)
This dance is conceived from a winter scene with snow falling like flowers.

Korea House-Pansori and Dance 06

Pansori and Dance
This dance, which is based on the famous love story between Chunhyang and Mongnyong, is a work of Pansori inscribed in UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Korea House-Drum Dance with Pungmul-nori 08

Drum Dance with Pungmul-nori
This performance presents an exciting drum dance nicely amalgamated with the traditional Pungmul-nori consisting of Janggo (drum shaped like an hourglass), Buk (drum), Jing (large gong), and small gong (Kkwaenggwari).

  • 1 day prior to tour day → 50% of total cost.
  • On tour day → 100% of total cost.


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