Seoul Hotel Rian at the heart of seoul


Seoul Hotel Rian is built at the center of Seoul’s historical and cultural city of Jongno.

We are setting the bar for a new trend of boutique hotels that are on the rise to meet the current demand of travelers.

Here at Seoul Hotel Rian, our staff will go above and beyond to meet your needs and to make sure that you have the most pleasant and comfortable stay possible.

To insure this, we offer the most spacious of rooms in the area, decorated with a modern and sophisticated look and feel.

Our rooms are equipped with the latest of technologies and industries best, so when you stay with us, you feel right at home.


Seoul Hotel Rian is located in Jongno


A 143, 150, 160, 260, 262, 270, 273, 370, 720 |MAP

B101, 103, 111, 140, 201, 7212, 9301?|MAP


■ LINES st_135 : Jongno 3ga, take exit 15 | MAP

■ LINE st_2 : Eurjilro 3ga, take exit 4 | MAP


■ INCHEON : Limousine Bus 6002, Subway Line 1 | MAP

■ KIMPO : Taxi about?45 minutes, Subway Line 5 | MAP